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Temporary and permanent residence
in Montenegro. Obtaining a work permit

If you plan staying in Montenegro longer than allowed 90 days (30 days for residents of some countries) you would need to apply for a temporary residence. The procedure takes a while as it requires a lot of paperwork preparation and staying in lines in various offices of Podgorica, Bar, Kotor, Cetinje. After the permanent residence application has been successfully submitted to the police it will take 30 days of processing to get a temporary residence for 12 months stay. If you renew it every year during five years term you will be entitled to apply for permanent residence in Montenegro.

It is important to understand that property ownership does not give you the immediate right for a residence. The main point considered when granting a residence is the work permit. Obtaining a work permit is not a straightforward procedure and includes registering a firm of your own for employment purposes (firm registration takes place in Podgorica) as the first step (or getting employed at a firm, which would be willing to do this for you). You will need to prove you have a place to live in Montenegro as the second step. If you live in the place of your own, you will have to present the property title («List Nepokretnosti» in Montenegrin) on your name. In case you do not have it, you would need to rent an apartment and show the lease agreement. You will need to show a current bank statement to prove you have some funds (a few hundred euros is enough) on your bank account in Montenegro as well. Then you would need to go to the Employment Office of Montenegro in Bar to apply for a work permit. Finally, when you have the work permit you may apply for temporary residence carrying all supporting documents to the local police station. If the documents are accepted, you will, most probably, receive in 30 days the temporary residence for 12 months.

Owning a firm in Montenegro is not an easy task either, especially if the firm makes no profit and has been registered for the purpose of obtaining a residence only. Even a dormant company will require some attention and expenses. You will need to hire an accountant and pay social security contributions, health insurance, etc., on all employed staff every month plus the annual company renewal fee. Rough calculation of annual expenses for a firm with two employees (a director and a secretary) is 1700–1800 EUR. Registration of a limited company in Montenegro is 500 EUR (including the lawyer's fee and all related legal fees).

We will be pleased to assist you with obtaining permanent residence in Montenegro. Our fees are 780 EUR. This amount includes registering a firm in Montenegro on your name, getting the work permit and preparing the documents to apply for a temporary residence. All legal fees and state dues are included also.

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